Can I apply for benefits from my injury on September 11 via the Zadroga Act, even though I recieved a settlement already from the original victims fund?

In a significant surprise, the new rules permit the “amendment” of prior Victim Compensation Fund claims made under the original Fund, which closed in December 2003. For example, a claimant who received compensation under the original Fund for “asthma”, but who since has since developed a new 9/11 related condition such as “interstitial lung disease”, can  now “amend” his old claim for additional compensation. Similarly, if the prior Victim Compensation Fund compensation recipient’s condition has “substantially worsened”, that claimant can now apply for additional compensation.

Therefore, all claimants who collected for injuries from the prior VCF should consult a Zadroga Act attorney such as Harris Law Group, LLP today to see if they are eligible for additional compensation.