lesions traumaticas repetitivas

Las lesiones de la espalda son uno de los tipos más comunes de reclamos laborales. O bien son importantes y de larga vida o menor y de corta duración. El Instituto Nacional de Seguridad y Salud laboral establece que cerca de 600.000 trabajadores se lesionan cada año. Lesiones de la espalda puede causar que muchas personas se discapaciten …

Back Injuries are some of the most common types of workplace claims. They are either major and long lived or minor and short lived. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and health states that about 600,000 workers are injured every year. Back Injuries may cause many people to be disabled and cause them to not be able to return to work.

Each year back injuries cost about $50 billion dollars in terms of medical expenses, income loss, productivity loss and pain and suffering. These injuries are not only a sudden onset, they can also happen over time. Something that is common is called repetitive stress motion, and this occurs from lifting, pulling and or pushing heavy objects. These injuries are caused by an over use of muscles of the body known as micro traumas. These are common in most workers that have been partaking in strenuous labor. In particular, a lot of bending and twisting can cause this. They are also common in people that are doing sedentary jobs. Sitting for a long period

of time can cause this. Poor posture while sitting at a desk can also cause repetitive stress motion injuries.

There are tiny tears that occur from this in the muscles, and ligaments. The back and neck become increasingly weak. Back injuries can also be a result of an accident such as twisting of the back and or neck which is caused by excessive weight lifting. Minor injuries like sprains and strains heal on their own with the right amount of rest without requiring medical intervention. There are some times when this can become more serious and in many cases degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis are injuries that can hurt for a lifetime.

If you have a back injury from a sudden work accident, or a prolonged period of time you are entitled to benefits under the law. Queens workers compensation lawyers are here to help you. They suggest that the moment you have any pain you seek medical attention and follow your company in their New York workers compensation procedures that are usually located in your handbook. Remember, any delay can aggravate the condition and necessitate a more extensive treatment if you need legal advice or help with the claim contact Queens New York workers compensation lawyers today.

What to Expect in a New York New York workers compensation claim
The insurance company that your employer uses will contact you in the event you file a claim. They will want to know information on your past medical history, your role as an employee and dates when the injuries began. Before the deposition, you should contact a Queens workers compensation lawyer to discuss how you will be answering these questions.

Tell them the truth and never lie. The worst mistake anyone can make is to lie. A deposition is a statement under oath and a lie under oath can ruin your entire case. It might be tempting to lie, and you might even think you have to. Ignore that temptation and tell them what really happened. Lies are always unearthed and chances are that won’t be good for you. Never guess if you don’t know how heavy the box was that you picked up then don’t guess about it. Don’t guess about the ridge that you tripped over or anything like that. Why? The insurance company will investigate. They might even send someone out to view the area where the accident occurred. They will find out the weight of the boxes, and the area that you tripped over. If they can disprove your claim then they will.

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Do not fail to prepare and make sure that you have all prior statements and medical history available for the deposition. You need to make sure that you look everything over and that they are entirely relevant to the claim. Inconsistency will ruin your case so you have to make sure that you are on the ball. Next, when asked a question listen to it. You need to only answer the question that is asked. But you have to listen to the question if you don’t understand it, ask for it to be repeated. Then take your time and prepare an answer honestly and candidly.

Finally, review the discovery of both sides. There may be answer to it and there may be other depositions from your employer and coworkers. You have the right to review them. Never volunteer anything and simply answer the questions anything that you volunteer could and will ruin your claim. Again contacting a Queens New York workers compensation lawyer will get you the help you need and deserve in these cases. Always make sure that you are 100% legal in these cases.