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Compensacion del Trabajador en Nueva York

Muchos propietarios de negocios no saben que tener un Seguro de compensación laboral es obligatoria para cualquier empresa que trabaja en Nueva York . Los empleadores no asegurados en el estado de Nueva York que no tienen ningun tipo de cobertura para

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Compensacion de los trabajadores y tienen un empleado que recibió una lesión o se enferma de una obra relacionada con …

Many business owners do not know that New York workers

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compensation insurance is mandatory for any company that works in New York. Uninsured employers in New York State without any coverage for New York workers compensation an employee who received an injury or becomes ill from a work-related activity can sue the employer if he or she refuses to give suitable workers compensation for the employee’s injury. New York New York workers compensation insurance or workers compensation, alleviates both by giving a tradeoff that is known as the workers compensation. It begins when employers provide wage replacement and medical benefits for workers who have been hurt while being employed. In most cases, there may be a mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sure for damages. In New York, New York workers compensation can offer a variety of types of coverage for injured workers. Provisions are made for illness, and loss of wages. It is important to know that works workers compensation does not only mean that you have injuries in the workplace, that means that if an employee suffers an injury while traveling then you may be able to still get workers compensation. It is mandated by the state to have a works workers compensation plan, but unfortunately it’s not in the overhead for most businesses. Besides the benefits of the relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue the employer, a good insurance plan can provide affordability to many business owners and employees. Most New York New York workers compensation policies contain an employer’s liability section that covers the business owners legal expenses especially if a wrongful claim is made. Insurance is the very canadabayer coupons for levitra

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business of risk and in the case of New York workers compensation the employer is paying to transfer the risk of an employee being injured while on the job to the insurance company. The benefits received from New York workers compensation is more than necessary. It’s

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important to take this seriously, for if something happened to you then you should know if your employer has New York workers compensation.

La evolucion de Compensacion del Trabajador en Nueva York

El sistema moderno de compensación de los trabajadores es arcano y produce mucho dolor a los que tienen

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que tratar con él todos los días . Las mismas normas que lo crearon son la razón por la que tantas personas tienen problemas con él. Conocer Comenpensacion de los Trabajadores en Nueva York en los últimos años muestra la …

The modern system of workers’ workers compensation is arcane and produces a lot of grief to those who have to deal with it daily. The very regulations that created it are the reason that so many people have problems with it. The look at New York workers compensation over the years shows the failure of the historical alternatives to formal New York workers compensation systems to meet the goals of social justice or economic efficiency. Orthopedic surgeons lament the difficult cases, and it may cause the

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worker pain to deal with it-but New York workers compensation is not without its benefits. The Ancient New York workers compensation The history of workers compensation for injury began soon after the advent of historical references actually being written down. In fact, the Nippur Tablet No. 3191 came from ancient Sumeria in the fertile crescent shows the laws of Ur-Nammu, the king of the city state of Ur. It dates back to 2050 BC. The law of Ur provides workers compensation for injury to workers body parts and this included fractures. Then in the code of Hammurabi there were a similar set of rewards for injuries. The Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Chinese also had workers compensation schedules with precise payments for the loss of body parts .Under Ancient Arab laws the loss of a joint of the thumb was worth one-half of the value of a finger. The loss of a penis was workers compensationensated by the amount of the length and then the value of an ear was all based on the surface area. The early workers compensation schemes consisted of “schedules” like specific injuries that determined specific rewards. Impairment, or the loss of ability had not actually happened as of yet. The workers compensation schedules of the ancient past were replaced

with feudalism of the Middle Ages and they became the primary structure of government. In fact, often times arbitrary of the feudal lord determined what the injuries garnered compensation. The concept of workers compensation for the worker was bound up in the doctrine of noblesse oblige. The development of English common law in the Middle Ages provided a legal outline that continued into the late Middle Ages and Renaissance provided a legal framework that

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persisted into the early part of the 19th century. For instance, if a worker was in anyway responsible for his injury the doctrine of contributory negligence held that the employer was not at fault. That is regardless of the hazards that they were exposed to daily. In the United States there was a case Martin v. the Wabash Railroad in which the conductor fell off his train. Inspectors blamed a loose handrail and his injuries did not receive workers compensation because the train inspection was one of his duties. There was another called the “fellow servant” rule. In that employers were not held liable if the workers injuries resulted in any part from the action or negligence of a fellow employees. This was established in Britain in 1837. Luckily, the laws have changed and if you have questions we suggest contacting a Queens workers compensationention lawyer Getting a claim figure out is the best way to proceed.

¿Cómo los empleadores reciben una prima?

Todos y cada payroll son la base de una prima de compensación de los trabajadores . También se determina por el número de los empleados y el negocio. El número de la mayoría tienden a

cambiar a través de los años para equilibrar de manera uniforme. El punto principal es cuidar de los asuntos relacionados con la salud que se derivan tiempo …

Each and every payroll is the basis for a workers compensation premium. It is also determined by the number of the employees and the business. The number of most have bene changed through the year to

balance it out evenly. The main objected is to take care of health related issues that result while at work. Plus, workers compensation provides

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financial support for employees who are still recovering from their injuries. For

any legal assistance we urge you to contact your local Queens attorney to get your comp case reviewed and to review the right state and local advice on how to proceed with your claim.

Compensación de los Trabajadores inicio en Alemania

Como la mayoría de la gente conoce que Compensacion de los trabajadores es una póliza de seguro que le da a un lesionado o discapacitados beneficios por un accidente que ocurre en el trabajo. Los empleadores llaman a este sistema un repliegue , y también ayuda a la asistencia en la prevención de lesiones porque los empleadores están investidos financieramente en el …

As most people know workers compensation

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is an insurance policy that gives an injured or disabled employee benefits for an injury that happens on the job. Employers call this system a fallback, and it also helps aid in the prevention of injuries because employers are vested financially in the safety of their workplace. Many areas in the United States required an employer to get workers compensation for their employees. But, there are still some states that do not require employers to acquire workers compensation for their employees. Workers compensation was created as a state run social insurance idea that limits wage replacement for loss of wages that are a direct result of an injury or sickness that might have happened while at work. Well, it all began across the Atlantic, in Germans in the mid-nineteenth century. It then followed it’s due course to emerge in the United States in the 1930s and 1940s. Before workers compensation rules were established the only way an employee could get any compensation for an injury was to sure their employers. Workers compensation instead ensured that the rights of employees when they suggest while working are protected.

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It also ensures that they receive compensation based on the provisions offered by the states. Laws are often associated with workers compensation and changes from one state to the other. For some the statues and other ideas that come to workers compensation can vary from state to state. Queens workers compensation lawyers in New York City are versed on what the latest updates in local workers compensation claims are.

¿Qué sucede cuando usted se lesiona en el trabajo?

¿Cuando usted está en el trabajo y sufre una lesión sabe qué hacer? Todo depende de la empresa , y el tamaño . Las empresas más pequeñas simplemente requieren que se informe a su supervisor y las grandes empresas requieren que usted vaya a la oficina de recursos humanos. La mayoria de las personas que se lastiman en el trabajo se …

When you are on the job and suffer an injury do

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you know what to do? It all depends on the company, and the size. Smaller companies simply require you to report to your supervisor and larger companies require you to go to the human resources offices. Most people who are hurt on the job will ignore the injury and not report it to the employer for sometimes. In those cases it gives the insurance company the ability to deny or delay the valid claim because it was not reported properly. Making sure that you are reporting promptly will allow the claim to be set up so that the insurance company can begin managing the claim. In some cases you may think that delaying a doctor’s visit is okay. Guess again, the longer you delay the worse it will before you. It is very important for you to follow the employers outline of procedures after an injury. The injured worker should also be guided by a supervisor throughout the reporting process. Make sure to get prompt medical attention so that everything is documented and you are following the rules. It is also important to make sure that the adjuster from the insurance

company gets in touch with you. They will need a statement and you have the right at this time to seek Queens comp lawyers. It’s important to follow the doctors guidelines as well. There may be lifting restrictions, and you may also be asked to take a drug test after the injury. If you fail the drug test you may be fired and loose benefits. Remember to read your handbook it is the place to find out about your workers compensation. When you were hired you should have been provided with an employee handbook. Chances are if you are like most employees you have not

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taken a gander at it. We encourage you to do so, because in that book are the laws that your company uses to ensure you get your benefits and they can investigate the situation further. If you are not getting the attention that you need to get back to work then you should arrange a meeting with a Queens comp lawyer or the state’s department of labor. There are also other workers compensation governing boards that you can take advantage of.

El que quien y donde de Compensacion de los Trabajadores

Si usted se lesiona en el trabajo siempre debe avisar a su supervisor de inmediato y al mismo momento, solicitar que se le lleve a un médico . Tiene que suceder tan pronto como sea posible. Trabajar para una empresa más grande requiere a la mayoría de los empleados que se lesionan en el trabajo reporterse a su departamento de recursos humanos . Ellos …

If you are hurt at work you should always let your supervisor know right away and at the same time request that you get to a doctor. It has to happen as soon

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as possible. Working for a larger company requires most employees that get injured on the job to go to their human resources department. They will have their own action plan for employees that get hurt on the job. The employer may also send you to a medical care physician that works with their workers compensation claims. Luckily, Queens comp lawyers work with all claims and help to makes sure that employees with a claim get the

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fair treatment they deserve. For many they believe that their injuries are not serious. However, regardless it is important to follow the steps to the exact plan. Make sure that you keep in mind that some ling term health issues do not develop immediately and it’s important to make sure that as a diligent employee you are; protecting yourself. Most workers compensation plans have a vocational rehabilitation, and it has the sole purpose to help you get back to work. The requirements on this are usually created by the states workers compensation statues and are dictated as such. When you have a claim and get treatment but do not loose time from your job then your claim will close from the last time you went for medical treatment a year after. Therefore if you had suffered anything that kept you off of work

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and were collecting benefits you can see your claim close in two years from the last time that you received any monies from it. If you receive medical treatment for the injury or likeness or need replacement for lost wages, you can count on this coming from your workers compensation claims. Some employers give supplemental insurance coverage which an employee on workers compensation can buy for a reduced rate. Remember it is against the law for an employer to fire a claimant. Generally in some cases they do have their own doctors, but you have the right to go to your own doctor as well. In reality you will be with your employers workers compensation claims and insurance carrier and it all depends on the severity of your injuries. Questions and answers are best addressed to your Queens comp lawyer because they are the ones who work with workers compensation claims daily.

Hay un proyecto de ley de derecho de los trabajadores

Los trabajadores lesionados han estado sufriendo durante los últimos años de una disminución masiva de beneficios de compensación laboral . Por supuesto, estos han perjudicado a muchas personas que trabajan y , por tanto, sus familias han llevado la peor parte de ella también . Para muchos ha sido la atención inadecuada médica

, la atención , la pobreza , …

Injured workers have been suffering for the last several years from a massive decline in workers compensation benefits. Of course these have harmed many working people and therefore their families have borne the brunt of it as well. For many there has been improper medical care, attention, poverty, depression and a status that makes them less than in the eyes of many others. The truth is these victims of the failing system have not consulted with a Queens comp lawyer, and have blatantly fallen through the cracks because of it. As a worker, there are basic rights that many are entitled too. All injured workers have the right to choose their own physicians or at the very least be able to switch to a doctor that they choose after 30 days of treatment with a doctor chosen by an employer. Also injured workers have the right to have a hearing on any dispute. In addition, in an emergency or financial situation there is a right to a hearing. Injured workers also have the right to be listened to when the disability has caused them to loose earning abilities and consider any additional mental or physical impairments. Injured workers that are not able to go back to their trade or occupation also have the right to an independent vocational assessment and for the rehabilitation if appropriate with the goal of being a return to the highest earning capacity possible. Vocational rehabilitation benefits are also at the same rate as temporary disability benefits. Workers that are hurt and cannot return to work are entitled

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to a permanent total disability benefit for the length of time that the disability occurs. Also, workers have the right to a non-party medical exam that is paid by the insurer if there is a question on treatment by a provider that may be affiliated with the insurer. Injured workers in addition, have the right to have benefits based on take home pay, and overall wage benefits. Queens workers compensation lawyers are ready to help anyone understand the additional benefits that are available. In fact, there are a whole slew more that will aid the worker in getting back into the

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workforce, gaining lost wages and being treated like a decent citizen. It’s understandable that many workers have not heard these basic

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Los trabajadores lesionados en el 11.9 explosión aún sufren

El World Trade Center fue el epítome del comercio moderno , y solo le tomo dos aviones para acabar con ellas en ese fatídico día 9.11 . Es un día que la mayoría de la gente no se olvide , sobre todo los que estaban allí y vivieron para contarlo. Los cuerpos fueron esparcidos por todas partes. Había 15 a 16 personas saltando …

The World Trade Center was the epitome of modern trade, and it took two airplanes to bring them down on that fateful day 9.11. It is a day that most people won’t forget, especially those who were there and lived to tell about it. Bodies were strewn everywhere. There were 15 to 16 people jumping from the towers, and maybe more. There was gruesome scenes littering the streets directly below the towers. In fact, there were over 165.000

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people that lost their Emergency Disaster Unemployment on June 16. An additional one million people had their benefits cut. Many people could not go back to work in the short amount of time that the government allotted them too. After all businesses had to find new locations. What was offered after benefits were cut off? Financial counseling, and low cost health insurance. The state of New York gave 25 million dollars to various companies, to keep them in New York City. Businesses were forced to permanently close their doors, and because of this many people lost all hope. The whole idea of Workers Compensation is to provide wages when an employee

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What happens in these cases?

Well the doors were literally slammed in the faces of many who had to deal with the infrastructure of a government led emergency compensation system. The country was horrified, but unfortunately they chalked the event up to something in the past. Queens lawyers and attorney’s were able to work with many clients who were injured in the blast, and to help them get the security they needed to cover them in the event of another disaster. There was about

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$965,000 sent out in emergency unemployment benefits. Once this was gone these people were forced to resort to extremes. These extremes were forcing them to go back to work with diseases like PTSD and more. Suffering doesn’t end with a few dollars thrown about here and there. People who survived Ground Zero believe that many have abandoned them. It’s not an easy thing to live through a disaster more detrimental than the Titanic, and it’s not an easy thing to try to go back to work. There were many triggers in a normal work environment that brought back memories of that fateful day to those who were there. Luckily, there is help available even for victims that are suffering from PTSD.

Mayor impacto de los hallazgos de compensación de trabajadores en acciones de Lesiones Personales : ¿Por qué su caso de Compensacion de los trabajadores y de lesiones personales dicen ir de la mano?

En Auqui v . Siete treinta una Sociedad Limitada , 1, de fecha 14 de febrero 2013 , el Tribunal de Apelaciones sostuvo que la determinación de la Junta de Compensación de Trabajadores de Nueva York en relación con la duración de la incapacidad de un trabajador lesionado fue una determinación fáctica de que ” se debe dar preclusivo …

In Auqui v. Seven Thirty One Limited Partnership,1 dated Feb. 14, 2013, the Court of Appeals held that a New York Workers’ Compensation Board’s determination regarding the duration of an injured worker’s disability was a factual determination that “should be given preclusive effect…relevant to lost earnings and compensation for medical expenses” in the claimant’s third-party tort action. This is a further expansion of the doctrine of collateral estoppel that has broad implications for claimants, insurance carriers, employers and defendants involved in Workers’ Compensation (WC) claims where a companion third-party tort action has been brought.

The ‘Auqui’ Case

Jose Verdugo was a food deliveryman who was hurt at work in nyc. The New York workers compensation board found him to be disabled on Dec. 24, 2003. Subsequently, an administrative law judge (ALJ) determined

that Verdugo was no longer disabled as of Jan. 24, 2006. A full panel of the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD affirmed the decision of the ALJ. In 2004, while collecting compensation benefits, plaintiffs brought a separate action in civil court against the third-party building owner, Seven Thirty One Limited Partnership, the general contractor, and a subcontractor. In April 2009, counsel for the owner defendants in the third-party suit moved to preclude plaintiff from litigating the duration of Verdugo’s disability on the grounds of collateral estoppel. Ultimately, the Court of Appeals agreed and held that the ALJ’s finding that Verdugo’s disability ended Jan. 24, 2006, precluded the plaintiff from re-litigating the duration of his disability in the civil suit. Critical to the court’s decision were its findings that the duration of a disability is a question of fact, that the plaintiff had been given a full and fair opportunity to litigate the issue of ongoing disability, and that the issues in question in the Queens Workers compensation proceeding and the civil suit are identical.3 On the surface then, it appears that the Auqui court’s decision is fully in line with precedent that holds that issue preclusion or the doctrine of collateral estoppel is applicable to the factual determinations of quasi-judicial administrative agencies.4 Arguably, the impact of the Auqui court’s decision rests not with the law articulated but with the law as applied. Is the duration of a claimant’s disability, as the court held, a purely factual one? The Appellate Division and dissent maintained that the duration of a disability is a legal conclusion or at least a mixed question of law and fact. In finding that the duration determination is a factual one, is the court in Auqui expanding the category of what it considers a question of fact and signaling its intention to defer to the final adjudications of administrative agencies to a greater degree?

Two Actions

A worker hurt at work in nyc can make a WC claim for first-party benefits from the employers’ compensation carrier administratively while simultaneously pursuing a civil tort action in court against parties other than the employer relating to the same accident. The two actions historically follow mostly separate tracks. They would intersect most notably at the point of settlement or judgment in the tort action which requires the claimant to repay two-thirds of the New York Workers Compensation carriers’ lien (or obtain a waiver) to avoid a double recovery. The Auqui decision increases the importance of the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD “fact” findings that will have preclusive effect in personal injury lawsuits. When injured workers lose a factual determination before the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD, there is now an increased likelihood that the claimant/plaintiff will not be able to re-litigate the same issue in a second forum, the so-called third-party action. The decision effectively gives defendants greater opportunity to limit a plaintiff’s claims. Moreover, the holding in Auqui can be expected to apply to all NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD fact determinations including lack of causal relation of injuries to the loss, the percentage disability and necessity of certain types of treatment and/or therapy. In addition, plaintiffs may be precluded as to claims relating to the corollary issues of future lost wages and future medical expenses during any time period the claimant is found not disabled. Auqui potentially impacts both the pain and suffering and the economic components of the plaintiff’s third-party action damage claims. If a plaintiff attempts to make any claim on an issue already determined by the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD in a bill of particulars, a deposition or otherwise, defendants must be prepared and able to identify the impropriety of the claim and assert collateral estoppel. The proper procedural device for a defendant seeking to assert collateral estoppel will depend on the stage of the lawsuit and timing of the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD ruling. A motion in limine, a motion to preclude, a motion for summary judgment, a motion to strike claims from a plaintiff’s Bill of Particulars, or even a motion to dismiss portions of the plaintiff’s complaint may all be appropriate procedures to assert collateral estoppel. The increased importance of the fact finding at the agency adjudication level may also impact how lawyers interact. Traditionally, claimants had different lawyers for their WC claim and lawsuit. However, another consequence of Auqui may be to foster a closer and more coordinated relationship between WC and plaintiff counsel. Counsel may now consider working together to aggressively pursue disability claims during the WC hearing or risk forfeiting them. From the defendants’ perspective, it is now more important for defense counsel to obtain plaintiffs’ WC (and carrier) files, to review them carefully, and to take advantage of any favorable rulings in the WC forum. In addition, defense counsel now have the added opportunity and responsibility to carefully monitor ongoing developments in the WC action.

Procedural One Way Street

It is important to note that the collateral estoppel effect of NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD fact findings can only be used against plaintiffs and not against defendants.5Unlike plaintiffs, defendants are not estopped from contesting factual issues determined by the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD because the defendants are not party to the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD proceedings, and have no opportunity to present evidence or cross-examine witnesses.6 Accordingly, defendants will be able to argue, for example, that the plaintiff’s period of disability was actually shorter than that of the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD’s determination.

Open Questions

It is not yet clear when a WC determination is considered final for purposes of triggering collateral estoppel in the companion action. For instance, would the Auqui court have applied collateral estoppel if the plaintiff’s appeal of the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD decision were still pending? Internally, the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD considers its rulings final regardless of whether the claimant appeals the decision. Once a determination is made that a claimant is no longer disabled, the Workers Compensation insurer is not obligated

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to continue paying benefits even though an appeal on the determination is pending. Accordingly, there is a strong

argument that collateral estoppel effect should similarly apply once the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD has ruled.

Public Policy

Collateral estoppel principles are grounded in notions of judicial economy, fairness and deterring re-litigation. There is a long history and large volume of New York case law that applies collateral estoppel in the many quasi-judicial proceedings. The Auqui decision accords with other areas of law regarding collateral estoppel in quasi-judicial proceedings. “The doctrine of collateral estoppel is applicable to determinations of quasi-judicial administrative agencies such as the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD.”7 The Court of Appeals has indicated that the threshold question as to whether a proceeding is quasi-judicial is whether the agency in question “has the statutory authority to act adjudicatively.”8 Courts have consistently applied collateral estoppel to other quasi-judicial rulings. These include arbitration;9 no-fault insurance;10 small claims;11 and special proceedings.12 Judge Eugene Pigott, writing in the dissent in Auqui, disagreed with the majority’s holding that the determination of the New York Workers Compensation board is one of fact. He argued that policy and agency considerations are an inextricable influence even on factual determinations of the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD. Therefore, he urged that it is inappropriate for courts to be bound by the NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD’s rulings.13 The holding in Auqui, however, does appear consistent with notions of promoting judicial economy and deterring re-litigation.


The Auqui decision may be looked back on as fundamentally altering the legal landscape of New York workers compensation and tort law by binding them more closely together. In fact, the importance of this decision was recognized by the New York State Trial Lawyers Association which submitted an amicus curiae brief. The practical effect is that NEW YORK WORKERS COMPENSATION BOARD hearings and factual determinations take on greater significance because they can now have a more expansive preclusive effect on the companion tort action. The net result of the decision clearly favors defendants by placing an important limitation on plaintiffs’ damages claims. This proves that it is crucial that you hire a qualified new York workers compensation attorney.

No, Workers Compensation Is Not a Retirement Fund

Workers compensation is sometimes referred to as the poor man’s retirement fund, by certain politicians. Some believe that WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD recipients take advantage of a claim and dip in as many pots as they can, included in this is social security disability as well. It is alarmingly ignorant to think that. Workers compensation is not now or has it ever been created as a retirement possibility. It was created simply as an insurance policy to pay out when there is a legitimate claim made. To discern this, a retirement fund was created when a person works until they get to an age that they can retire and then choose to do so. Injured workers do not have that option, they no longer have the ability to improve their financial status or work a second job if they need or choose to do so. It is a fact that 80 % of them go through the system without a question. Those are the minor ones. In New York Workers Compensation, there is a less than 10% WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD ratio and in other states an even

lower rate. In fact, most of these cases are injuries that occurred prior to April 1, 2007, as at that time the New York Workers Compensation Law was changed. For a more thorough explanation of this, consult a Queens Workers Compensation attorney . These projections are not real numbers as more than half of all compensation cases have a prognosis that would allow for a person to go back to work. Only the certain few who are on WORKERS COMPENSATION payments get permanent funds. Workers compensation was set up for what it is being used for largely. It is created to pay an injured workers medical indemnity for temporary injuries. Insurers pay out much less than

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they would if a person were injured in another capacity other than as an employee and the most hilarious part is that most people do not sue as customers when they get hurt. Under the New York Workers compensation law, you cannot sue your boss, only collect workers compensation benefits. When injured workers are classified as a

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WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD they cannot work. It’s not a choice most people would make. They can’t contribute to anything including a social security fund. They and their family who were injured through their employer lose their medical benefits and have to pay premiums if they can afford it. Premiums come from the injured workers’ salary and are figured into the average weekly wage in most cases, and those do not include the amount of the discount an employer gets based on the number of employees. A policy outside of work is not the norm, and most injured workers that are WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD cannot even get themselves insured in some cases unless they are under one of the state or federal programs. Also most insurers will not cover them because they are WORKERS COMPENSATION PERMANENT DISABILITY AWARD. There are a lot of misnomers hanging around out there. But one thing is for certain is that a Queens workers compensation attorney can help their clients understand issues pertaining to permanent workers compensation benefits.