¿Qué sucede cuando usted se lesiona en el trabajo?

¿Cuando usted está en el trabajo y sufre una lesión sabe qué hacer? Todo depende de la empresa , y el tamaño . Las empresas más pequeñas simplemente requieren que se informe a su supervisor y las grandes empresas requieren que usted vaya a la oficina de recursos humanos. La mayoria de las personas que se lastiman en el trabajo se …

When you are on the job and suffer an injury do

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you know what to do? It all depends on the company, and the size. Smaller companies simply require you to report to your supervisor and larger companies require you to go to the human resources offices. Most people who are hurt on the job will ignore the injury and not report it to the employer for sometimes. In those cases it gives the insurance company the ability to deny or delay the valid claim because it was not reported properly. Making sure that you are reporting promptly will allow the claim to be set up so that the insurance company can begin managing the claim. In some cases you may think that delaying a doctor’s visit is okay. Guess again, the longer you delay the worse it will before you. It is very important for you to follow the employers outline of procedures after an injury. The injured worker should also be guided by a supervisor throughout the reporting process. Make sure to get prompt medical attention so that everything is documented and you are following the rules. It is also important to make sure that the adjuster from the insurance

company gets in touch with you. They will need a statement and you have the right at this time to seek Queens comp lawyers. It’s important to follow the doctors guidelines as well. There may be lifting restrictions, and you may also be asked to take a drug test after the injury. If you fail the drug test you may be fired and loose benefits. Remember to read your handbook it is the place to find out about your workers compensation. When you were hired you should have been provided with an employee handbook. Chances are if you are like most employees you have not

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taken a gander at it. We encourage you to do so, because in that book are the laws that your company uses to ensure you get your benefits and they can investigate the situation further. If you are not getting the attention that you need to get back to work then you should arrange a meeting with a Queens comp lawyer or the state’s department of labor. There are also other workers compensation governing boards that you can take advantage of.